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Marijuana Mythbusters Endorse the Partnership for a Drug Free America

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Advanced Chronicology: CO2 Enrichment

Let’s start off by thinking about what plants need to grow. We all know that plants need sunlight and water to grow, and that they take in carbon dioxide (CO2) and give off oxygen. However, you can’t overlook that fact that this CO2 for oxygen exchange is vital to plant growth. If you are growing outside this is something you never have to worry about, but it could be the difference between smoking you and your friends up when you harvest your plants or supplying your whole town.

For smaller grows, such as one or two plants, good ventilation provided by a fan should be sufficient in ventilating the grow space and maintaining sufficient levels of CO2. However, bigger grows or grows going on in small spaces will benefit greatly from a CO2 boost.

We recently visited a growing operation in the Garden State that was using CO2 enrichment. If you’ve ever grown before, it makes the difference between having a nice flower garden or a rainforest growing in your basement.

Some important thing to consider are that , your plants will only require CO2 enrichment when photosynthesis is occurring (when the lights are on). And, you should stop CO2 enrichment half way through the flowering stage. CO2 enrichment only contributes to tissue growth, not resin or TC production, so providing extra CO2 during flowering will cause your plant to focus more energy on tissue growth than on bud growth and resin production.

We need to research several methods of CO2 enrichment before we delve more into this topic, because we have heard that it may be possible to use dry ice to provide extra CO2. So, we will be looking into this, and updating the Chronicology section with the new information later this week.

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